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Fitter or Fatter?
   "Hey there, stranger." Natasha said, as I walked in. "How goes the fitness regime?"
   "Boring as hell." I replied. "If she's not making me eat rabbit food, she's dragging me out of bed at 5am to go for a run."
   "Why are you with her again?"
I didn't answer.
Kirsty was a great girl, I guess. I mean, she was attractive and energetic and in great shape. However, she made it clear that I wasn't and ever since we started dating she was determined to get me off the junk food and into a healthy lifestyle. Burgers, pizza, ice cream, it all had to go. What did I get instead? Salad, maybe fruit as a "treat". I don't know what she saw in me but now I was trapped and I know I could break up with her but, at the end of the day, she was kinda hot and attracted to me for some reason. Well, I say attracted but clearly she had a problem with my appearance because she's been trying to whip me into shape from day one. Why don't I break up with her? Well, the truth is,
:iconlostsoul2k2003:lostsoul2k2003 71 12
Closing Time
   "Hey, you." said a familiar voice as I entered the shop. I looked up to see Sophie smiling back at me.
   "Hey. Busy day?"
   "Ugh, no. It's been so dead in here, I considered closing up and going home. I mean, who would know?"
   "I would..." I said playfully. "I could get you fired!"
   "Yeah but then they'd replace me with someone else who probably wouldn't give you free stuff."
   "Well you've got me there."
   "So, what will it be?"
   "Well I'm pretty hungry but I don't have much money so I want as much as I can get for..." I noticed a sly smile start to spread across her face.
   "I might have something..." she said seductively. She walked over to the door and locked it before pulling the blinds down. "...but not for just anybody."
   I watched as she went back behind the counter and pulled out a small bottle containing two blue
:iconlostsoul2k2003:lostsoul2k2003 159 20
Mature content
Storm in a B-Cup :iconlostsoul2k2003:lostsoul2k2003 26 14
   Detective Karin Watts surveyed the crime scene. A pretty flashy apartment belonging to supermodel Katie Russell - ex-supermodel now as there wasn't much left of her. Neighbours had reported a loud explosion coming from her apartment and Karin was looking at the aftermath now. A forensics crew were taking photos of broken windows and other damages, as well as pieces of torn clothes littering the place. That seemed to be all that was left of poor Katie. Sure she was a self centred bitch on camera and most probably off camera, thought Karin, but did she really deserve this?
   "Hey Eddie," she said, approaching one of the men. "anything new to tell me?"
   "I wish," he replied. "But whoever did this is good. There's no evidence of anyone else being here but supermodels don't just explode on their own. Do they?"
   "Generally not." Karin muttered, nudging a piece of torn jeans with her foot. "Especially not 3 in the same week.
:iconlostsoul2k2003:lostsoul2k2003 195 49
Kelly's Belly
This is the story of a girl who grew
Her hair was blonde, her eyes were blue
Young and pretty, her name was Kelly
All she wanted was a big round belly
Her friend was smart, made her a pill
One to make her stomach fill
She let the pill slide down her throat
Then felt herself begin to bloat
Next her tummy rounded out
Her cheeks puffed up and made her pout
Her top was stretched, it was too small
to cover her belly, now a big round ball
You'd think she had too much to eat
She could no longer see her feet
She rubbed her belly, felt it grow
Wondered when she'd start to slow
But there was no end to her inflation
Although she quite liked this sensation
She grew to many times her size
And there was panic in her eyes
Her friend realised something was wrong
The pill she'd made was way too strong
As Kelly floated from the ground
Her belly made a creaking sound
Her friend said sorry she had to go
But Kelly was about to blow
Now alone she filled the room
Reached her limit and went kaboom
:iconlostsoul2k2003:lostsoul2k2003 100 34
Popping Pills
    You come up to me and throw your arms round me and we kiss.
    "I've got something fun planned for us." You say, smiling, and open your hand to reveal two pale blue pills. They kinda look like jellybeans.
    "What are they?" I ask.
    "Something I know you've secretly wanted for a long time. Your flat little stomach doesn't fool me, I know what you're into."
    "Wait, what? No..." I stutter, but you just giggle and lean over to my ear.
    "I'm into it too." You whisper.
    "You mean, you like...?" I venture.
    "All I want is to be blown up like a big sexy balloon. The main reason I'd want to get pregnant is for the belly, but we don't need to do that because I've found something better. I wish you'd mentioned this before!"
    "Me too." I laugh, slightly nervously.
    "Well do
:iconlostsoul2k2003:lostsoul2k2003 216 28


Mature content
The Amazingly Explosive Appetite of Action Lass :iconfaintingheart:FaintingHeart 56 3
Pop That Belly!
"And we're back, Ladies and Gentlemen! To...
Everybody chanted and cheered as the game show host, John Burton, dressed in his flashy suit, sporting a wide, bright smile, walked in, waving at his audience, positioning himself in the center of the cone of light shinning from above. Everyone was excited for another new episode of their favorite game show. The audience  were stomping their feet and fist pumping the air and the fans at home were at the edge of their seats, grabbing onto their coal and chips in sheer anticipation. Everyone knew was this game show was about and they were all giddy for a reason.
"If you're just tuning in, allow me to catch you up to speed. We've had three contestants try their hand at trying to eat beyond their limit in an attempt to pop their bellies. Our last contestant, Margaret, got close but something in her head prevented her from eating that last bite." the host looked down in disappointment, the audience nodding along, "But
:iconawesomesir:awesomesir 173 45
Black Cat Blueberry Blowup 1 by pigsofdoom Black Cat Blueberry Blowup 1 :iconpigsofdoom:pigsofdoom 125 16 Commission: Katt's Pizza Party Part 1 by Sidkid44 Commission: Katt's Pizza Party Part 1 :iconsidkid44:Sidkid44 773 30 When the Cat's Away - Page 8 by LakeHylia
Mature content
When the Cat's Away - Page 8 :iconlakehylia:LakeHylia 818 29
(COMIC) Pink Pressure by AirGrenade
Mature content
(COMIC) Pink Pressure :iconairgrenade:AirGrenade 514 126
Parade by VladDrake
Mature content
Parade :iconvladdrake:VladDrake 584 59
Mature content
Jessica :iconmcoddles:mcoddles 247 54
Mature content
A Blast of a Party :iconthe-one1980:The-One1980 112 11
My Favourite Balloon Party
(or, "Illogical, Gratuitous Inflation with Hot Celebrity Chicks")
_____________by Alec Deluxe________________________
     It began as just another balloon party with my closest--and most revealingly dressed--friends and acquaintances: Jessica Alba, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Christina Aguilera, Britney Spears, Mariah Carey and Mandy Moore.  We got together, as we often did, to blow up balloons.  Sometimes we'd race to see who could pop them first; other times I'd sit leisurely back and watch these beautiful mouths and sexy lips inflate their balloons larger and larger, as their cheeks rounded out lovingly from the puffing.  I'm not above saying that I found the whole scenario a tad arousing.
     I didn't know at the beginning of this particular balloon party that not everyone would be leaving in one piece.
     We were having our usual fun, all sitting around
:iconalecdeluxe:Alecdeluxe 203 43





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